Wednesday, June 24, 2009


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Earlier this week, activist and radio personality Dan Savage said that we should send a same sex couple to the White House in an acts of civil disobedience every day, ask to see the president in order to discuss equal marriage and then not leave until arrested. Great idea. I think that this will make it extremely hard for President Obama to continue to ignore this disparity of equal rights.
It is my personal opinion that we should also perform acts of financial disobedience. No more donations to the DNC, and no more giving our hard earned money to companies who actively contribute to anti-gay legislation. Queerty lists a few here. Of course the HRC has ranked companies according to their Equality index. Please read these lists and be very careful who you support. If gay people are, in fact, 10% of the total population, this is an enormous amount of money. I will continue to look for companies who oppose equal rights legislation and post them here. If you know of or find any please add them in the comments sections.

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