Sunday, June 28, 2009

Today is the day!

NYC - West Village: Stonewall InnImage by wallyg via Flickr

Dallas's first Million Gay march is scheduled to start at 2pm CST today. The more I read and more I watch video online, the more I understand how important it is for us to stand up for our own civil rights. Straight people are not going to ever treat us as equals unless we demand it. 40 years after the first gay civil rights event, we are still treated like second class citizens. If it weren't for a bunch of drag queens, gay men and lesbians who got pissed off in a bar and fought back, I wouldn't be able to write this today. OurSceneTV has a great video to watch. I will be back later with pics from the rally. I invite all of you to come and join the march today and the rally afterward in Lee Park.

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