Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Seriously DNC?

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The DNC is planning a fundraiser next week in the form of the LGBT Leadership Council Member dinner. According to Queerty.com, major activists are shunning this event. I think this is GREAT! For years the DNC has treated the LGBT community as bastard stepchildren, taking our money, telling us they are our allies and then not only ignoring us once they are in office but actively participating in legislation that relegates us to second class citizens.

I encourage everyone to contact LGBT leaders and support them in their decision to stay away from this event. The only way our voices will be heard is to hit the DNC where it hurts: in their pocket books. We have all heard the phrase "Money talks, bullshit walks" and frankly haven't we all heard enough bullshit from our elected officials?

Here are some listings for you to contact some of the A Gays that might be considering attendance to this dinner: the Human Rights Campaign http://www.hrc.org/12022.htm, GLAAD interim president J. Michael Durnil can be emailed at durnil@glaad.org, activist David Mixner can be emailed at dmixner@gmail.com. These are only three people, there are hundreds more. Please feel free to post any additional links in the response area. Please let them know that you support them in their decision to stay away from this event

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