Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Give a dog a bone

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Yesterday President Obama issued a memorandum giving limited relationship benefits federal employees. Am I the only on who thinks he thought, "Maybe this will shut them up for a while?" A memorandum is only in effect as long as Mr. Obama remains in office. An executive order would become law. I realize that as long as DOMA remains in effect that no real laws can be passed extending full partner benefits but this still feels like too little, too late to me.

After the DOD brief filed earlier this week (That Mr Obama never addressed), the Democratic Party is going to have to do a lot more ass kissing to ever get another dime or vote out of me. That the Commander in Chief allowed his people to equate us with pedophiles and people who commit incest without a single word from him has destroyed my faith that he will ever do anything for the GLBT community, even in his second term.

I never really believed him to be a "fierce advocate" for our rights and now I am certain of it.

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