Monday, June 22, 2009


I just came home from watching the movie "Outrage" based on the blog of Mike Rogers. Yes, it is a documentary. No, there are no semi-naked men in it. I went into the Magnolia Theater expecting to be outraged myself after watching the trailer, and in truth, those feelings were justified.

I had always heard that a large number of staffers in Washington, DC were gay and sources in the movie confirmed this. What I didn't know was how many high ranking Republicans are rumored to be gay and I had no idea how loathsome their voting records were. That so many (allegedly) gay men can and have voted against all legislation, especially AIDS funding every year, is unconscionable to me.

Only a few of us have never been in a closet. We all know how hard it is to lead a double life. We all know how it feels to finally have that weight lifted from our shoulders. In most cases I believe that coming out is an intensely personal ordeal. This movie shines a light on those who are not only not able to come out but who bolt their closet doors in order to remain in power. These men cause grave harm to us all and deserve to be outed.

Please go see this movie and twist your non-political friends' arms to go. Hell, if you want to go, I will pay for it.

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